Magnificent Monday-Dancing in the key of life

It’s Monday; my favorite day of the week! Most people dread Mondays because of the meaning that they have created around this day but for me (and I hope you too) Monday symbolizes new beginnings and new opportunities. I can file the previous days and their experiences away and look forward to a new day and a new week full of possibilities.

As I had my DESSERT this morning ( meditation, prayer, and dancing of course) I thought about the tone I want to set for myself for today and what kind of week I want to have. I know that we can’t predict what will happen FOR us or what opportunities will be presented to us in the form of challenges but what we can do is decide that no matter what we will choose to fully be in the flow of life and open ourselves up to all the possibilities that the day has to offer. We can decide to dance in the key of life and go with the flow.

I encourage you to let go an any previous meaning that you have attached to this day and use it to create a great week for yourself. I encourage you to let go of any resistance to the events of today and use them to help you grow and evolve into the person that you were created to be and already are. Remember that challenges come to reveal the strengths, gifts and talents in us and that they are precisely what we need in that moment to grow. So embrace them fully and know that you are right where you are supposed to be. #EMDF


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