It comes so naturally for women to luv; to nurture, to comfort, to encourage, to build up, to support, to speak life into those around her; for it is who and what we are: LUV! Luv is our default setting which we have somehow buried underneath the pain that we have experienced in our brief time here on earth: The pain of seeing the one you luv luving someone else; the pain of not having the privilege of at least being told that your luv has moved on but finding out through a “girl did you hear…” The pain of sharing your innermost secrets with the one best friend you thought you had only to have your secret told back to you from someone else. the pain of being violated by the very one’s who are supposed to protect you from such a heinous act.  the pain of giving your all to the one’s you luv only to not have that luv reciprocated but to be stepped on once that luv is consumed by the recipient. The pain of helping someone who is in need only to never hear so much as a “thank you” in return. The pain of trusting and having that trust violated. Yes, we women have experienced some pain as a result of giving luv it seems.

But true luv expects nothing in return! True luv luv’s for the sake of luving and giving luv. It luvs for the pleasure of seeing the delight on the faces of those who receive the good deeds done as a result of being luv. True luv does not focus on the luv that is not reciprocated, only on the luv that exudes from it’s giver. True luv understands that there are some who have not evolved into their true self which is an expression of luv and therefore are unable to return the luv given to them; true luv luv’s them anyway without expectation!

True luv responds to criticism and judgement with luv. True luv responds to undeserved hurtful acts levied against it with only luv knowing that the perpetrator is still growing and evolving. True luv gives space for one to be on their journey and doesn’t require anything different from the one on that journey.  True luv is not offended when painful slurs are hurled it’s way for it knows that the source of those slurs is pain; it responds with gestures of luv and kindness for it knows that through that luv healing occurs.

True luv is secure in itself and  needs no reassurance of what she is for she knows her SOURCE. True luv is what YOU are!

There is a clarion call for women to get back to LUV; to release the pain that you have carried around for so long and are still carrying with you. YOU are being called to luv yourself just as you are so that you can in turn
give luv to those to whom you have been sent. You are being called to embrace every aspect of YOU; your hair, your hips, your lips, your skin, your personality, your quirks, your eccentricities, your differences, for you cannot give luv until you luv yourself and the world needs all the luv that you have to give.

YOU are being called to luv like you have never luved before in order that the craziness going on on this planet can be healed! You are being called to luv so that those around you can experience luv. YOU are being called to luv regardless of who isn’t luving you back. YOU are being called to know and luv who you are! You are and extension of the Divine; perfect in all your splendor!

So embrace YOU and all that you are and all that you think you are not and luv like…