Nobody can be you…

In the 80’s Steve Arrington, formerly of the group Slave, had a tune that became an anthem for so many…Nobody Can Be You. I vividly remember this song and the effect that it had on so many around me. I was a kid of course but I completely luv’d and understood the power of music and the effects it had on people’s emotions. I understood how music could encourage and uplift one’s spirit and this song did just that!

In the recent months I have pulled out all of my Steve Arrington stuff and have come to appreciate them now more than ever. If you recall (and I hope you do!) Monday’s post  also featured one of my favorite Steve Arrington tunes. If you didn’t get the chance to read it now would be a good time to do so! *Wink*

For me, these tunes have become my theme songs and I have added them to my “Dessert Menu” to listen to and meditate on in the early morning hours. As I listened to today’s tune I was reminded of one of the messages that I try to convey in this blog. NOBODY CAN BE YOU BUT YOU and that YOU CAN’T BE ANYBODY BUT YOU either! Sometimes it becomes tempting to look at others that we admire and try to model ourselves after them. Perhaps we admire how popular or well known they are and think that if we just had what they have we too could be so well known. I remember a time when I decided I wanted curly hair (this was a few months before the naturally curly hair) and allowed my friend to put a curly weave in my hair. It was heavy as h*** and needless to say it didn’t last more than a week and I have not worn a weave since. I actually have sworn them off but I digress and that is not the point. LOL! One of my co-workers apparently liked the curls and a couple of days later came to work with the exact same weave. It just didn’t fit her and she looked very awkward. She must have realized it because just as fast as she had it sewn in it was taken out.
What I’m trying to say is that it’s OK to admire others but I encourage you to first admire yourself. Get to know yourself and find out what it is that YOU like, who you are (personality wise) and just be you. It’s never OK to try to be something or someone you are not because you will always feel uncomfortable doing it. The Divine created each of us with our own unique personality and footprint for us to share with the world and you can only share yours!

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