Happy Tuesday Desserters! I just wanted to send you all a note of appreciation and thanks for supporting this blog! I look at the awesome people who are following this blog from all around the world and I tear up from being so overjoyed! You guys are awesome! 

I am working on ways to make this blog better and to have more features for you all to enjoy. Any input and ideas from you will be greatly appreciated! In the meantime, I wish each of you the most beautiful day! Decide what your day will be like (or the rest of your day for some of you) and bring it to fruition! And of course, always EAT YOUR DESSERT FIRST! 
Leisa Monique



This past weekend I ran across one of the best videos (a rap video no less) that I have ever seen! Honestly, if it hadn’t been for the title and the description of the video I would have never watched it as I’m not a fan of rap music! But it was the promise that the writer of the blog that I was reading made of a man telling the woman in his life that she was perfect just the way she already is that sparked my interest so I decided to watch the video.

A man telling a woman that she is perfect just the way she is? Truthfully, I have heard men say that before and I honestly think that men really do luv us just the way we are. Of course there seems to be some conflict between what they say to us and who they say is beautiful in magazines so what is an everyday woman to do?

We women put so much time into being physically beautiful: hair weaves/extensions ( not just African American women either), make-up, body shapers and all kinds of other sometimes burdensome “stuff” to make us feel and look beautiful. We spend so much money on products for our hair and skin and on the latest fashion all in an effort to “keep it together” and most of the time it is to attract the opposite sex!

Rarely do we wake up in the morning and look in the mirror and luv what we see! Our face in its natural glory! Our body with no body shaper on! Our hair ( possibly standing all over our heads)…everything about us!

I recently had a talk with myself after realizing that I had not totally accepted myself as I am. That is another post but the short of it is that I was trying to understand why I kept continuing a pattern of behavior in my life and after meditation and prayer I realized that the root of it was that I had not totally fallen in luv with me! I decided at that point that I was TOTALLY beautiful “JUST AS I AM” and took out my red lipstick that I use to write on my mirror with and wrote an affirmation of “just as I am” across the top of my mirror as a daily reminder to myself of how beautiful I really am! Inside and out!

On this Magnificent Monday morning ladies, no matter what color you  are, no matter what the size of your hips or breasts, no matter what your hair texture is, I encourage you to embrace YOU JUST THE WAY YOU ARE and to LUV you just the way you are! Let YOU be your standard of beauty and not some chick in a magazine that has been made up and airbrushed and called beautiful!

I take my hat off to Sha Shastimuli for this wonderful tribute to women everywhere and to the testament to our natural beauty! He gets it ladies, what are we waiting for?!


Taking the time to say hello to all of the Phenomenal women around the world who follow and support my work with this blog! I honor you! I celebrate you! I respect you! I luv you!

It is so very important that we continue to honor the women who were instrumental in creating IWD and Women’s History Month and those who continue the work for without them we would not be where we are as women! According to Glenda Stone, an Australian entrepreneur and women’s campaigner who created and manages the website there was a time when IWD was disappearing. Ms. Stone says: “A decade ago International Women’s Day was disappearing. Activity in Europe, where International Women’s Day actually began, was very low. Providing a global online platform helped sustain and accelerate momentum for this important day. Holding only a handful of events ten years ago, the United Kingdom has now become the global leader for International Women’s Day activity, followed sharply by Canada, United States and Australia. 2011 will see thousands of events globally for the first time.”

We must continue to work to ensure that women around the world are celebrated and encouraged to pursue our dreams and goals! We must ensure that women and girls continue to have opportunities for education and that their futures remain bright! 

So go ahead, do your part; celebrate your sisters around the world and locally! celebrate YOU and all of your beauty!


“Don’t feel special…!” Those were the words that I heard when I posted the email message that twitter sends you when a new follower is now following you on twitter. “She’s following everybody” was one of  the comments I received in response. Wow, I thought. I didn’t actually post it because I felt special but because I was a bit surprised that this person chose to follow me as we have never met and to my knowledge, she has never seen my work. But I guess it’s not that hard to go through the followers of someone and decided to follow them as well!

I was reminded that there will always be people standing by to let you know that you are not anything special-that you are just another somebody. It’s no wonder that the self-worth of people is so low; the moment that you begin to think that you actually are special there is someone there to let you know that you are not. And the funny thing is that those telling you that you are nothing special probably don’t mean any harm they just don’t want you to be let down or disappointed. In their minds they are looking out for your best interest!

Bruce Wilkinson points this out in his book “The Dream Giver.” It’s a great story about a “Nobody” from the land of ordinary who sets off to achieve his “big dream.” On his journey he runs into a bunch of folks (mostly family and friends who have his best interest in mind) strategically positioned along his path just waiting to tell him that he is not special and that he should turn back and continue to be a “Nobody!”

This is where knowing your own worth and value come into play! Knowing that just because you are an extension of the Divine you ARE special! You have to be absolutely sure of your worth for yourself because there will always be someone standing by to make sure that you don’t get any grand ideas about being anything other than ordinary. This is why I am always reminding you guys of who you are: an extension of the Divine presence! Awesome! Powerful! Creative! Wonder-filled! Magnificent! Great!

So when you run into those friends who don’t want you to be disappointed by thinking that you are anything special, remind yourself of who you are! Remind them of who THEY are and let them know that they are special too!