Taking the time to say hello to all of the Phenomenal women around the world who follow and support my work with this blog! I honor you! I celebrate you! I respect you! I luv you!

It is so very important that we continue to honor the women who were instrumental in creating IWD and Women’s History Month and those who continue the work for without them we would not be where we are as women! According to Glenda Stone, an Australian entrepreneur and women’s campaigner who created and manages the website internationalwomensday.com there was a time when IWD was disappearing. Ms. Stone says: “A decade ago International Women’s Day was disappearing. Activity in Europe, where International Women’s Day actually began, was very low. Providing a global online platform helped sustain and accelerate momentum for this important day. Holding only a handful of events ten years ago, the United Kingdom has now become the global leader for International Women’s Day activity, followed sharply by Canada, United States and Australia. 2011 will see thousands of events globally for the first time.”

We must continue to work to ensure that women around the world are celebrated and encouraged to pursue our dreams and goals! We must ensure that women and girls continue to have opportunities for education and that their futures remain bright! 

So go ahead, do your part; celebrate your sisters around the world and locally! celebrate YOU and all of your beauty!


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