“Don’t feel special…!” Those were the words that I heard when I posted the email message that twitter sends you when a new follower is now following you on twitter. “She’s following everybody” was one of  the comments I received in response. Wow, I thought. I didn’t actually post it because I felt special but because I was a bit surprised that this person chose to follow me as we have never met and to my knowledge, she has never seen my work. But I guess it’s not that hard to go through the followers of someone and decided to follow them as well!

I was reminded that there will always be people standing by to let you know that you are not anything special-that you are just another somebody. It’s no wonder that the self-worth of people is so low; the moment that you begin to think that you actually are special there is someone there to let you know that you are not. And the funny thing is that those telling you that you are nothing special probably don’t mean any harm they just don’t want you to be let down or disappointed. In their minds they are looking out for your best interest!

Bruce Wilkinson points this out in his book “The Dream Giver.” It’s a great story about a “Nobody” from the land of ordinary who sets off to achieve his “big dream.” On his journey he runs into a bunch of folks (mostly family and friends who have his best interest in mind) strategically positioned along his path just waiting to tell him that he is not special and that he should turn back and continue to be a “Nobody!”

This is where knowing your own worth and value come into play! Knowing that just because you are an extension of the Divine you ARE special! You have to be absolutely sure of your worth for yourself because there will always be someone standing by to make sure that you don’t get any grand ideas about being anything other than ordinary. This is why I am always reminding you guys of who you are: an extension of the Divine presence! Awesome! Powerful! Creative! Wonder-filled! Magnificent! Great!

So when you run into those friends who don’t want you to be disappointed by thinking that you are anything special, remind yourself of who you are! Remind them of who THEY are and let them know that they are special too!

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