Ingenuity and Perseverance

Recently I announced my candidacy for the Nevada State Legislature. Yep, yours truly is running for office! This is the side of me that I don’t share much on this blog but it’s true, I’m as passionate about politics and how they affect every day people as much as I am about you knowing your worth and who you are.

It seems that ever since I announced my candidacy every hidden issue that I have within myself has been brought to the surface in order that I can address it and work through it. This has not been the most pleasant occurrence but I know that it is a necessary one. I have been writing about such phenomenon’s for some time and it’s interesting to have to take your own words of wisdom and apply them to your own life. I have had to take the very words that I would encourage someone else with and encourage myself.

It’s also interesting to see what happens with those around you when you decide to follow your dream and live your purpose. Bruce Wilkerson speaks of this in his book The Dream Giver. He talks about the character named Ordinary who had a big dream inside of him and who set out to achieve that dream. If you haven’t read the book you should definitely put it on your reading list. What happens when Ordinary decides to fulfill his dream is that everyone around him is forced out of their comfort zones. Many try to discourage him from following his dream because they are now uncomfortable. He basically holds up a mirror and everyone around him has to ask themselves what are they doing to fulfill their dream.

But Ordinary is not to be deterred! He persists! He encounters many obstacles (giants) along the way but perseveres through them all. There are times when he is discouraged and wonders why he left his comfy life for something else. He is even tempted to turn back at times but something deep inside of him urges him on and he eventually does fulfill his big dream and in doing so he shows everyone else that they too can fulfill their dream! It is one of my favorite stories.

I have come face to face with my own giants since I announced my candidacy! As I said earlier every area in my life that needs attention has been highlighted and I have asked myself why I am doing this. Some of the people that I though would support my decision have not supported my decision! In fact some have endorsed my opponent! “Don’t take in personal” one person said to me, “I think you’ll be a great candidate!” I have thought about turning back and continuing to live my same life but like Ordinary there is something in me that is urging me on! There is something in me that keeps me awake at night with this big dream! It invades my thoughts all day every day! It won’t allow me to think of anything else! IT is called PURPOSE!!

A funny thing happened to me about a week ago. I have a lock on my bedroom door and usually lock it when I leave the house. Well, somehow I left the key in my bedroom when I left and was unable to get in when I came home later that night. I could have just climbed through the window since it was open except that my bedroom is on the second floor of my house and the window is a good twelve feet from the ground which made things much more complicated. I would’ve needed at least a ten foot ladder to get to the window and I didn’t have one.

I tried everything I could think of. I even tried to “Pick” the lock to no avail. I was stuck! It was late at night and I was locked out of my own bedroom and I was tired and ready to call it a night. a friend just happened to call and I shared the news of the lockout with him. After laughing he said that he could get me a ladder…tomorrow! He suggested that I sleep on my couch and wait for him to help me in the morning! Now if any of you have learned anything about me it is that I don’t like to wait for anything! Once I get an idea in my head and think it through I put it into action. I thanked him for offering to help but firmly told him that I had to go because I was going to get into my bedroom…right now!! Upon hearing the news he let out a long oooookaaaaay and said to call him back and let him know how it went.

I sat on the stairs of my house as calm as I had ever been. I didn’t get upset or panic but just sat and waited for it to come. What is IT? It is the creativity, the ingenuity that is deep inside of all of us. I know that wrapped up in every problem is the solution to that problem so I just closed my eyes and sat there. As I sat there the most beautiful thing happened and I got into action. What happened after that was nothing short of genius! Long story short I created my own ladder made out of my now destroyed kitchen table (it was on its last leg anyway), a side to a bookshelf  and a pair of my daughters tennis shoes.  It was scary to climb on top of a kitchen table with a ladder that was actually a piece of a bookshelf with the feet of it secured inside a pair of shoes so it wouldn’t slip off the table but I was determined to get inside of my room that night!



determined to win my election! He reminded me that the only thing that I need is my determination, my ingenuity and my perseverance!

As I have said many times before, others will not always believe in you or your dream so therefore we have to know and believe in ourselves! Others are not always going to sign on to your big dream for your life but you are not to be discouraged by that! You must know who you are, know your worth and above all know your purpose so that when challenges arise you can persevere through them all!

I am not upset that some of those that I thought would be supportive of my decision have not been supportive nor should I be upset. People have the right to be where they are in their lives and I support and respect where they are. The key is YOU knowing who you are and what you are here for. Regardless of who does or doesn’t support your decisions you have to trust what you dream of doing and just do it. So many people have come out to support me and it has been a wonderful thing. The Divine always gives us what we need to fulfill our dream so trust that and go for it. I know that this is not going to be easy but I look forward to the opportunities that it will present. I look forward to the growth that I will experience and the people that I will touch along the way. I’m excited y’all! I’m persevering through it all and in the end I know that success is mine!