One of the things I most want to do with this blog is help the readers understand their value, worth and significance! I believe that in order to do this I must be as transparent and authentic as possible which sometimes is uncomfortable. But I understand that the best way to help someone through something is to share your own experience of going through the same thing! Anyone can tell you how to handle a particular situation but unless they have been through it themselves…well, lets just say their advice has more credibility if they are speaking from PERSONAL experience!

Today I was feeling a little less than significant! Wondering if anyone really reads what I write or even cares! I guess you could say that I was having a bit of a “Pity Party” and I was the only guest! I am really being transparent and feeling really vulnerable right now but if I am going to ask you to open yourself up and be vulnerable then how can I not do the same for you?

Anyway, as I said, I was having a bit of a pity party and this was AFTER my morning meditation! In my meditation, which was all about “Moksha” (emotional freedom), I set my intention to let go of trying to control the circumstances of my life and trust the universe to work out the details! This is sometimes difficult for someone like me but I decided to do it and immediately felt a little lighter once I was out of meditation.

The night before, I turned my Blackberry completely off so as not to be disturbed by the alerts of emails and notifications all night…or at least that is what I told myself! But the real reason was so that I would not experience the feeling of disappointment when it didn’t ring! When I turned it back on this morning that is exactly what happened…disappointment set in when I realized that not even my mother had called me! Wow! Talk about being emotional! Now I was feeling so insignificant and contrary to what I would encourage readers and clients to do, I began to get a little down on myself! Yep, I sure did! Now I know this may come as a surprise to most of you who know me but it happens to me at times too! Even the encouragers need encouragement!

So I did what I would encourage anyone else to do: I sat quietly and tried to find the source of these feelings of insignificance. You see, I looked at this as an opportunity to heal a past hurt that I knew was the driving force behind these feelings. The fact that I haven’t heard from the gentlemen that really wanted to hear from was too a major factor in all of this. Why hasn’t he called? Does he even care? I ran the gamut of questions but ultimately decided to turn within to see where all of this was coming from.

Once I was done with this process ( one is never really DONE), I felt a little better that I had identified some of the source of these emotions I was feeling. but of course some were still there. As I said, it is a PROCESS and one is never really done with it. Just then I decided to check in on Facebook only to find that I had two messages: one was a return message from a beautiful friend of mine who had just gotten married. I had sent her a message earlier wishing her well in her marriage. She was thrilled at receiving the message and thanked me for putting a smile on her face!

Now here is the good part: the next message was from a FB “friend” whom I don’t even really know. Our connection is that we were both staff member on the Obama campaign ( in different states)  and I believe he still is. He sent me a video along with a message that said “Dedicated to Leisa…Yes we can” along with a wish for a great day! Now the video was calledHold on Tight to Your Dreams” and it was all about Obama and Biden making their dream come true despite all of the challenges and obstacles they faced.  I sat there almost in shock and started to cry! Why, because just yesterday I questioned MY dream and wondered if what I had set out to do was making a difference at all! I questioned my sanity for leaving my previous job to pursue my dream and to be honest, I even gave up a little on this dream of mine…I doubted!

It seemed that everything I tried to do was not working out. I had gotten so frustrated with this dream that I just wanted to be done with it! Not like me at all but at a time when so many challenges are coming at you as they have been at me you can easily get tired…mentally as well as physically. I was mentally exhausted and just didn’t have any more energy to give. I was done with trying to “MAKE IT HAPPEN!”

So my message to you today is this: YOU ARE SIGNIFICANT! You matter! The other part of this message is to never ever give up on your dream! Even when it seems that nothing is working the way you would like it to, never give up! Your dream is your gift to you from the Divine…The gift that you are to give the world! So when nothing seems to be happening and your efforts to “MAKE IT HAPPEN” seem to be in vain, LET GO of control and trust the Divine to work out the details of your dream. Oh yeah, there is going to be some work you will have to do but most of that work will be internal! Yep, you will have to work on YOU. You will have to work through past pain that still has some effect on you and your decision making. You will have to work on your “knowing” not believing but Knowing. There is a difference: Believing leaves room for doubt ( did you read this story) but when you KNOW something there is no room for doubt! You know with all your heart that what has bee planted in you, your dream, WILL and has already come true!

In Luv and Dessert,

Leisa Monique



Magnificent Monday to you! Monday is a powerful day! It is the beginning of a new week and it has the power to determine how the rest of your week will go. There is a biblical principle of “Firstfruit” which simply states that the first will determine the rest. Simply put, it means how you start of will usually determine how the rest will go.

You won’t find this principle written down as I have stated it here but the term appears many times and there are many examples of it throughout the Bible. It’s simple: How you start off will determine how the rest will go!

So I ask you: How will you start off this Magnificent Monday? Will you start if off grumbling about how much you hate Monday? Will you start if off dreading having to wake up and go to work, get the kids off to school or sit in traffic? Or will you start of this Monday with a smile on your face and a grateful heart that you actually lived to see another Monday? Will you express gratitude that you have another chance to start over?!

The point of it is this: YOU HAVE A CHOICE! YOU decide what kind of day you will have and therefore what kind of week you will have. You can choose to grumble and hate Monday or you can embrace this day and choose to see every challenge as an opportunity for your expansion!

There is a statement that I mentally say to myself during my morning meditation. It helps me see things a bit more clearly and also reminds me to take personal responsibility for myself. It says this: “Every moment is a choice between a grievance and a miracle. I let go of the grievance and I choose the miracle”! Will you choose the miracle of Monday today? Or will you choose to focus on every perceived grievance that comes your way!

Remember, YOU HAVE A CHOICE! A choice to be happy or to be discontent. There is no force “out there” that is controlling your life and making you unhappy! There is only you! You can’t control the things that the day brings your way but you certainly have the power to choose how you will respond to them.

I encourage you to let go of the grievance and embrace the miracle! What does that mean? It means that whenever something happen “For” you (not to you) you will choose to see the good in the situation and not focus on what you think is bad about it! it means that you will choose to see opportunity instead of a setback! It means that you will take responsibility for your peace and happiness today and CHOOSE to make today a great day! In doing so, you will set the tone to have a great rest of your week!!


As I sit here and watch the sun rising I realize that at this moment, there is no place that I’d rather be! There is nothing that I’d rather be doing but sitting here in the stillness of the early morning marveling at the purplish, blue sky that is reminding me of the intelligence of the universe and that everything is as it should be because the Divine is as it should be. There is no place I’d rather be!

I haven’t always felt this way! There have been some days when I got off center and looked around me and saw my life and started to think that I should be much “farther along”‘ than where I am. A few days ago I was talking with the luv of my life and listening to him as he shared some of the disappointments that he has with himself. He expressed disappointment with some of the choices that he has made in his life and how he feels that these choices are responsible for his not being farther along in his life.

As I quietly listened to him express his thoughts my heart began to ache for him and for the countless numbers of people in the world who for whatever reason feel like they should be somewhere else in their lives; who feel like they should be doing something different than what they are doing.

I remembered feeling that way. I remembered the guilt and the sadness and even the embarrassment that came along with it. But what I remember the most about that place is coming to the realization that the choices and the decisions that I had made in my life up to that point were precisely the reason that I was who I was at that moment! I remember talking with God and expressing my own disappointment with some of the choices I had made and Him gently showing me that through all of those experiences that came along with those choices, I had become a better person! I had experienced growth from the pain of those decisions! I had evolved because of those decisions! I had learned from those experiences! Those “bad” decisions and choices had played a major part in shaping my character!!

Through the pain and suffering that came with some of the choices that I have made in my life, I have become more compassionate, more loving, more understanding and more tolerant of people and where they are in their lives. I have become a person of great character and I attribute it to the experiences of my life that those choices and decisions brought with them.

Perhaps you are looking at your life and thinking that you should be in a different job, have more money in your bank account, own your own home by now or are regretting a relationship that you had and if only you had not made THAT decision you would be much farther along in your life right now. But I’m here to tell you that YOU ARE RIGHT WHERE YOU’RE SUPPOSED TO BE!!

God doesn’t make mistakes! And if we begin to look at our life and at the “mistakes” that we have made along the way we will see that we have actually learned from them. How many times have you done something that has not turned out to be that great and you realized that it is something that you will never do again?! You learned from that “mistake” and therefore can’t call it a “mistake” at all! Its a life lesson! Even if you have found yourself doing the “same thing” over again there is still growth to be made from it.

Let me use the anology of lifting weights to drive my point home. Whether you are beginning a weight lifting routine or are experienced in the area, stay with me now, and are moving up to “heavier weight” there will be pain that comes with that heavy weight. Lifting weight actually tears your muscle fiber and anyone who has ever had any experience with working out for the first time or moving up to heavier weight than they are used to can tell you that major soreness sets in a couple of days later. The pain sometimes causes you to rethink and even regret the decision to exercise at all or to “go heavier.”

But it is in THIS pain that your muscles actually “grow”. It is the tearing of the muscle fibers that the weight causes that also causes the growth! How you ask? When your muscle fibers are torn your body begins the process of healing itself. Your body draws on the protein stores that is has to rebuild the muscle that has been torn from lifting the heavy weight. The result of the “healing” is that your muscles grow bigger because protein is being added to repair the torn muscle. That is why body builders are willing to go through the temporary pain they will experience from the heavier weight for they know that the growth they are going to have far outweighs the pain they feel in the ensuing moments.They know that the potential to be bigger and in their eyes, better, is there and they are willing to go through it to be bigger and better.

What does that have to do with you and where you are in your life? The “bad” decisions that you have made in your life, and will continue to make if you are human, are your weight! It will be these decisions that often bring pain and suffering with them that will also cause you to grow and to evolve. Does that mean you should just go around making bad decisions in order to grow? Of course not, but what it does mean is that on those occasions that you do make a decision or a choice that turns out to not be so good, understand that it will be from those decisions that you will also experience growth.

So instead of looking back on your life with regret, look back and marvel at how far you have come! look at the amazing person that you have grown to be! look at the character that has developed from those decisions! Look at the compassion that you now feel for others! Look at the wisdom that you now have! Look at the lessons that you have learned and the better choices that you will now make because of those lessons!

Hold your head up high, forgive yourself and flex the spiritual muscles that you have developed from the pain of the weight that you have lifted in your life. Know that at this moment everything in your life is as it should be and had it not been for those decisions you would not have grown into the person that stares back at you in the mirror of life. You are magnificent! You are marvelous! YOU ARE RIGHT WHERE YOU’RE SUPPOSED TO BE!