Magnificent Monday to you! Monday is a powerful day! It is the beginning of a new week and it has the power to determine how the rest of your week will go. There is a biblical principle of “Firstfruit” which simply states that the first will determine the rest. Simply put, it means how you start of will usually determine how the rest will go.

You won’t find this principle written down as I have stated it here but the term appears many times and there are many examples of it throughout the Bible. It’s simple: How you start off will determine how the rest will go!

So I ask you: How will you start off this Magnificent Monday? Will you start if off grumbling about how much you hate Monday? Will you start if off dreading having to wake up and go to work, get the kids off to school or sit in traffic? Or will you start of this Monday with a smile on your face and a grateful heart that you actually lived to see another Monday? Will you express gratitude that you have another chance to start over?!

The point of it is this: YOU HAVE A CHOICE! YOU decide what kind of day you will have and therefore what kind of week you will have. You can choose to grumble and hate Monday or you can embrace this day and choose to see every challenge as an opportunity for your expansion!

There is a statement that I mentally say to myself during my morning meditation. It helps me see things a bit more clearly and also reminds me to take personal responsibility for myself. It says this: “Every moment is a choice between a grievance and a miracle. I let go of the grievance and I choose the miracle”! Will you choose the miracle of Monday today? Or will you choose to focus on every perceived grievance that comes your way!

Remember, YOU HAVE A CHOICE! A choice to be happy or to be discontent. There is no force “out there” that is controlling your life and making you unhappy! There is only you! You can’t control the things that the day brings your way but you certainly have the power to choose how you will respond to them.

I encourage you to let go of the grievance and embrace the miracle! What does that mean? It means that whenever something happen “For” you (not to you) you will choose to see the good in the situation and not focus on what you think is bad about it! it means that you will choose to see opportunity instead of a setback! It means that you will take responsibility for your peace and happiness today and CHOOSE to make today a great day! In doing so, you will set the tone to have a great rest of your week!!


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