Magnificent Monday-You’re not a lady…If you’re powerful!

This morning as I was scrolling through my email inbox I came across an email with the subject line Is Power “unladylike?” Wow, that jolted me awake and I  had to sit up for that one! With a quickness I clicked on the link to read the article to see what the author was talking about. It was quite interesting to hear that some women still misunderstand the meaning and use of power and being powerful.

Sadly I had to admit that in my line of work I have heard and seen this all to often. Unfortunately, this is common among women as most women view power in the context of force and as having some type of control over others.  When women think of being powerful I can almost guarantee you that the image that comes to their mind is that of a man. 

The dictionary offers a few definitions of powerful but the one that I most relate to is the one that defines the word powerful as “influential, convincing and effective.” Would you describe yourself as influential? Convincing? or effective? Let me throw in my own definition of “persuasive.” The word power itself is defined as “the ability to do or act. being capable of doing or accomplishing something.” 

Because of this image and misunderstanding of power, women often shrink away from the label of being powerful and sometimes wholeheartedly reject it in favor of being labeled as compassionate, considerate and thoughtful etc. But I submit to you that all of these labels are components of being powerful!

For some reason, some women view power as not only being unladylike but also as being masculine. It is just not something that women are supposed to be and women that do embrace their power are seen as out of the ordinary and sometimes given the label of “B****!” Ouch!

Close your eyes and think of a woman that you consider to be powerful. What image comes to mind? Is it that of a woman in a “power suit” in the position of CEO? Is it that of a politician? Is it that of a newscaster or TV personality?  Does the image of a female police officer come to mind? Or do you get an image of a wife and mother who works from home. Do you get an image of a woman that is a teacher and influencing our children? What about a woman that cleans up after others for a living? A hair stylist? Blogger? Photographer? Does YOUR face come to mind when you think of powerful women?!  May I suggest that it should!

M point is that it is time for women to redefine who and what we consider powerful! Power is not being able to control the behavior or livelihood of others but being able to influence, inspire and uplift others. Being powerful is being able to get others to see and embrace the greatness in themselves! It’s being able to embrace YOUR gifts and talents and shouting it from the roof tops! it’s being able to accept and own your abilities and not being afraid to display them to the world! Being powerful is being gentle, kind, considerate, thoughtful but at the same time not shrinking away from the spotlight of your life.

So many of us look at other women who are in positions that we consider powerful and secretly wish we could do the same but won’t admit it openly. We say things like “oh, I could never do that” or “I wouldn’t want her job for all the tea in China” or ” I admire you for what you do but I could never do it!” it’s OK, to “stay in your lane” and do what you do but when you stay there out of fear then there is a problem.

Decide today to embrace YOUR power and be POWERFUL! Whether that’s getting our finances in order or acknowledging your inner strength  There are so many resources available to help you through this process including this blog so no more shrinking away from your power. Be who you were created to be: an extension of the Divine, powerful and perfect in your very own way!!