The gift of…

Happy Holiday to you all from all of us here at Eat My Dessert First! May you experience peace no matter what the circumstances of your life are and may you give and accept the luv that is offered to you and may joy and happiness rest with you always! 

I am reposting one of my favorite posts; it’s The Gift of YOU that I wrote for the holiday season last year; it is just as relevant now as it was when I first wrote it. Please remember that the holiday season is for celebrating life, luv and happiness and not the commercialization that we all have come to know the season for. Take the time to appreciate the accomplishments that you have made over the past year no matter how small or insignificant you may think they are. 
As we think about buying gifts for those that we luv, take the time to give the gift of encouragement to someone who may be struggling and needs to know that they are significant! Take the time to offer words of encouragement to a child and let them know that they are special! Take time to offer words of thanks to your elderly neighbor for the wisdom that they have shared with you! Take time to offer words of thanks and encouragement to a Veteran who gave her time to serve our country! But most of all take time to give thanks to and for YOUrself for the many challenges that you may have faced and worked through. Give thanks to yourself for the strength you displayed and for the lessons that the challenges of life brought to you and that you graciously embraced. 
Give thanks for the person that you are and the person that you are becoming and even for the person that you used to be! Remember to be grateful and to give thanks in all things and for all things because expressing gratitude is the key to experiencing happiness and prosperity! 
Have the most grateful holiday season and remember to Eat Your Dessert First!!