Magnificent Monday

Those who know me know that Monday is my favorite day of the week. Most of you also think I’m crazy for loving Monday! LOL. I love Monday because it is the beginning! It is a new start! It is a chance to forget the days before and look forward to a whole new week.

Most people I know hate the thought of Monday and it has been given names like Blue (dreary, sad) Monday, Manic Monday, and all sorts of other unpleasant titles to signify the fact that it is, for most people, an unpleasant day.
But I encourage you to change your perspective on Monday. I urge you to see it for what it is: a Day to START OVER! A beginning to a fabulous week. And it all starts with YOU!
One of the windows in my bedroom faces South. I have chosen to place my bed next to this window. The result is that I can raise my blinds slightly and see the sunrise first thing in the morning, Monday morning! This is part of my morning routine, and I must say that watching the sunrise every morning certainly gives me a different perspective on things. Any issues that I have in my life are, at that moment, non-existent! Not to say that they are not there, but my focus is not on them. My focus is on what I am watching and hearing from my window: the sounds of nature, the sun rising and listening to the Divine tell me how much I am loved!
Before you get started today, take a few minutes to just sit quietly. Take a few minutes to stare out your window (even if you are driving to work you can look out your window while you are sitting at a stop light) this morning and see the beauty of our creator! Take a moment to imagine the week that you want to have. Imagine your Monday going beautifully and you accomplishing all the things that you would like to accomplish. Imagine, instead of a “Blue Monday,” a Monday of peace,
A MAGNIFICENT Monday. Even if you have to go to work today, imagine work being peaceful instead of chaotic. Imagine all the people around you today and imagine you getting along with them. Whether it’s a boss, a coworker, a spouse, kids, or whomever, imagine that you interact peacefully with them.
Imagine not only a great Monday but a great week. Imagine getting along with your spouse. Imagine your kids behaving. Imagine your coworkers actually not getting on your nerves! Imagine your finances being in order. Imagine having the career that you dream of or starting your own business. Just imagine!
We have the power within us to create that which we want to be and it all starts with our thinking. If we wake up and think our day will be chaotic, then that is what we will get. On the same note, if we wake up and imagine our day will be peaceful and productive, then THAT is what we will get.
So again, I encourage you to change your perspective on Monday and see it for what it is; a beginning of a glorious week!
In luv and dessert,
Leisa Monique

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