Magnificent Monday-Lift Your Head

It’s Monday, my favorite day of the week and I tell you life woke me up early this morning; earlier than I like to wake up. I had so many things on my mind that I was a bit restless. I tossed and turned and tried to go back to sleep but sleep was not to be had. For once I was actually thankful for the recent time change because had we not moved our clocks forward the hour in which I woke up from sleep would have been ridiculous.

As I lay in bed anticipating all of the growth opportunities disguised as challenges that would present themselves today (See how we create stress for ourselves when none actually exists?)I asked myself: What would I say to all the people that follow me and my writing? What would I advise them to do in this situation? I decided to do what I would tell all of you to do and do something to nourish my Spirit: Eat My Dessert First! I prayed!

In my prayer I reminded myself that none of the things on my mind were actually happening  but that I was only thinking about what I thought would happen. I reminded myself that it was a beautiful Monday morning and that in that moment everything I needed I already had. I expressed gratitude for not only having all of my and my children’s needs met but for the Spirit of gratitude.

In that moment a song came up in my Spirit, a song that I used to luv so very much but that I hadn’t listened to in many years. It was a song that we used to sing when I was in the church choir and it nourished my soul every time I heard it. I searched for and found it on the internet and just like before it nourished my soul.

Listening to it reminded me that there was nothing that I needed to be worrying about. It reminded me of who I AM. I am listening to it as I write this and I can hardly sit still; I just want to get up and dance! I want to sing! I’m in Peace and all the concerns that wouldn’t let me sleep this morning are gone. I know that there is nothing that can disturb my peace because I have everything that I need in this moment.

I’m grateful for this experience because it served as a reminder to me no matter what challenges I face I am already equipped to face them. It reminded me that no matter what the challenge is that presents itself the solution is within the challenge and I just have to sit in stillness and wait for the solution to emerge.

I am including this song for you this morning. Listen to it. Allow the words to nourish your soul and Spirit. Lift your head no matter what challenges you are facing today. Know that you are well equipped to face them and that everything you need you already have within you. Remember that the challenges we are presented with are just what we need in that moment and that is has come for our growth.

Wishing you a most Magnificent Monday of peace, luv and growth. Enjoy your day and as always, Eat Your Dessert First!

Leisa Monique


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