Your Gift To Me, My Gift To You!

Fabulous morning to you EMDF family! Yesterday was my Earth/birthday and it was a most fabulous day! I have opened myself up and allowed the Divine to luv me. I have graciously accepted every gift that was offered to me without resistance. This may not sound like a big deal but you know how it is when you like to be the one giving but have a hard time allowing anyone to do anything for you? Yep, that’s me. It’s so hard sometimes to allow others to give to me but I have learned that when you don’t allow others to give to you you rob them of the joy and satisfaction they feel from being the giver. We block the flow of abundance when we don’t allow others to do their part by not receiving their gifts. 

So, in order not to block the flow I got out of the way and graciously accepted every Divine gift that was offered to me. It felt marvelous to be luv’d by so many. Family, you are so deserving of the luv that the Divine has for you so open yourself and receive it. Allow the people that have been placed in your life to operate in their gifts and let them luv you. 

In my tradition I am continuing my earthday celebration through the weekend and I want to celebrate with YOU!  I would like to continue the celebration by giving you a gift but I need something from you.  if you will, please write a comment on this post and let me know how this blog has inspired you. If there has been anything that you have read here that has helped, comforted or inspired you please let me know that in your comment. That will be your gift to me. My gift to you will something special from me. It may be a written piece, a photo or something else that I am inspired to give you but it will be something inspired by the Divine. 

Also, please leave an email address where I can reach you. If you don’t feel comfortable posting this information you can email me at: I am excited about this and I look forward to reading your comments. 

Leisa Monique


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