Magnificent Monday-"I’M-Possible"

Good morning desserters! I trust that by now all of you that read this blog regularly are embracing Monday and using it to create a great week for yourselves. I know it’s not easy to break the pattern of thinking of Monday as the worst day of the week but those of you who follow this blog are ready for transformation so I know you are looking at Monday in a very different light!

My message for today is one of possibilities; the possibility of YOU! I think it’s a great way to start your Monday; with the thought that YOU are possible. What I mean by that is whatever you are dreaming of doing, whatever your hearts desire is, whatever you want to achieve…it all is possible!

Keep that in mind as you move through your week. Embrace every challenge that presents itself and know that it too is part of the possibility. My wish for you is that if and when these challenges come that you will ask yourself what the purpose of it is and how is it a part of your possibility! Then listen for the answer because it is there. And when it comes you must trust that it is in fact your answer!

Have a most Magnificent Monday and a most Magnificent week!


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