This post is part of the 2010 “Twelve days of Christmas” series where I’ll be posting something every day for the remaining days leading up to Christmas day! It’s my gift to you! Enjoy!   

It’s easy to accept the things that happen for us when things are going the way we would like them to go-when we are experiencing love, peace, harmony in our relationships and the like. But it’s when things are not going the way we would like that life becomes challenging-when we experience loss in some form, pain (emotional or physical), and the frustrations that life sometimes brings our way. Our initial reaction to these experiences is to resist and wish for things to be different! We immediately go into defense mode and sometimes refuse to accept what is happening in our lives which creates stress and disharmony.

This stress is compounded by the fear of what could happen that often comes with these experiences and creating more stress! It is often this fear that prevents us from receiving the meaning and the message that some of these experiences bring. And it’s there!

I recently experienced a situation that was very painful for me emotionally. My first reaction was to wish it away and not deal with the emotions that came with it. I resisted and I resisted in a big way! I mean, I fought it. I denied it, I blamed it on someone else and pretty much threw a tantrum! But because I know better I eventually accepted the situation as it was. I finally embraced the message and asked the question of what could I gain from this experience. I accepted that everything was as is should be and that the situation presented an aspect of me that needed attention.

I can’t say that it was easy and I’m still growing from that experience. But OMG, what I have learned about myself from that experience has been wonder-filled! I have a new mantra for my life and a more healthy perception of myself! I am more sure of my value and worth than I have ever been before! I am happy and I’m in luv with me!

So when you get the opportunity to deal with some challenging situation in your life sit back, take a deep breath and relax. Repeat to yourself “This too shall pass.”  Know that the situation “is what it is” and that from the experience you will be healed and transformed! 


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