This post is part of the 2010 “Twelve days of Christmas” series where I’ll be posting something every day for the remaining days leading up to Christmas day! It’s my gift to you! Enjoy! 

The question “What does Christmas mean to you?” was recently posed to a discussion group that I participate in on a regular basis. I can say that I didn’t have to hesitate in forming my answer as this is an easy one for me. Aside from the religious aspects of Christmas; whether you believe the story of the Christ’s birth or not, I believe that Christmas offers something for everyone of us to celebrate.

For me and my family, Christmas is a time to express love and gratitude.It’s not about giving expensive gifts but it’s another time to share your gifts of encouragement, and support of those close to you. It’s a time to celebrate the growth and evolution that we have experienced in our lives and look ahead to the next phase of growth. It’s a time to celebrate our health and being healthy. It’s a time to celebrate others; our family and friends that are dear to us!

Today I celebrate and express gratitude for those of you who read my blog, who “follow” me and who support me with your words of encouragement and your prayers! I’m grateful for the opportunities that showed up in my life disguised as adversity and I’m grateful for the solutions that came with it! I’m grateful for the friction and tension that I have experienced in my life for I know that without friction and adverse conditions, the brilliance of a diamond will remain hidden in a lump of coal! I can say that my “brilliance” is emerging everyday!

I’m grateful for my wonderful children who keep me amazed by what they do and say everyday! I’m grateful for my friends who have been with me and supported me for many years and I’m grateful for the many new friendships that have been created in my life! I’m grateful that I have been blessed with both of my parents, who are still married, for all of my life! They support me and encourage me and without them things might look very different for me!

So, I encourage you to take a break from the stress of searching for the perfect gift for your loved one and simply reach out to them and tell them what they mean to you! Tell them how special they are and that you are grateful that they are in your life!

Take a break from the guilt of not being able to buy everyone an expensive present and give then the gift of your presence! I’m reminded of the quote that says” To the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world!” Somewhere someone is wanting to hear from you! Go within and ask yourself the question of who needs or wants to hear from you and when you get the answer don’t hesitate to reach out to them! They’ll be thrilled that you did!

So when you are giving your gifts this year and spreading your holiday cheer, remember to give the gifts of gratitude and love for they are the perfect gifts of the Divine!


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