Launch and Go Live!

It’s Monday; my favorite day of the week. A day most people dread with a passion. A day most people wish would never come. But not YOU! You look forward to Monday with the same passion that others express in their dislike of Monday. YOU look forward to Monday because you know that it’s a day of new beginnings; a day to set the tone for the rest of your week!

What will you do with this day? What will you make of it? Here’s a thought: why not use today to launch! Launch what you ask? That business that you have in your head! That book, that blog, that website, that education, that career, that volunteer work that you want to do but don’t think you have time for. Why not take today to launch and go live!

Don’t think you have everything you need to launch? I didn’t either. You do and so did I! You already have everything you need to do exactly what you want to do. What you need you already have and what you don’t have you don’t need. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead…launch! #EMDF



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