Magnificent Monday-The Best Is Yet To Come

My beautiful and inspiring friend Shashana Page posted this as her status update this morning. I think it’s perfect for our Magnificent Monday inspiration. Her inspirational words along with some musical inspiration from Grover Washington and Patti LaBelle should get your week off to a great start!  Enjoy! 

“If you’ve done the best you can do… Whether you succeed or fail, you have no regrets! When you strive to be better, people will often attempt to remind you of the things they feel you could have done better… Well, if you’re still stuck in my past, there’s no way you will ever see where I’m going! The BEST is yet to come… My present nor my future lies behind me!!! ~Better than I use to be, and He’s not through with me yet~ xoxo!!!”
 ~Shashana Page~


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