Wow! What a year! We saw some pretty phenomenal things happen and some thing that weren’t so great! We saw the passing of some greats and we saw new life emerging! We saw a war end as well as some political careers of long time elected officials. We saw job loss, and new jobs being gained. We saw new companies being born and new friendships being formed. Yeah, it was a pretty phenomenal year!

  And on a personal note, if you’re like the rest of us, I’m sure there may have been times when you weren’t sure if or how you were going to get through the year! There seemed to be so much uncertainty in 2010 and many weren’t sure if or where they would be by the end of it.

Well, Congratulations! You’re still here! You made it through the uncertainty! You made it through the economic hardships! You made it through whatever personal challenges you may have faced…YOU MADE IT and THAT is something to celebrate!

I encourage you to take a few moments and list your accomplishments of the previous year! No matter how big or how small and even if you don’t think that you accomplished much (I can promise you you did) list them anyway! Once you start listing them you will see all that you DID accomplish!

As you are contemplating your goals for the new year and thinking about what you would like to accomplish, don’t hold back! Don’t be afraid to dream and dream big! Remember your greatness and go for it! Whatever your desire is, whatever your goal is, NOW is the time to throw it all on the table-to Leave It All On The Field!

Leisa Monique


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