2020, The Best Year of Your Life!

Many of us have referred to 2020 as one of the worst years of our lifetime. So much has happened including a pandemic (Coronavirus) that has affected over 6 million people here in America and over 25 million worldwide. 183,000 people have died here in American and nearly 1 million people worldwide have lost their lives to this deadly disease. George Floyd was murdered on television in front of our eyes by a police officer. Breonna Taylor was shot and killed while sleeping in her own bed by police who were looking for a man already in their custody. We have seen the deaths of freedom fighter and Congressman John Lewis and just a couple days ago actor Chadwick Boseman of Black Panther and many other movies died of colon cancer at only 43 years of age. Yes, many challenges have presented themselves to us in 2020.

In addition to collective challenges, many of us have been presented with challenges on an individual level.For me, I believe that challenges are actually opportunities. Because of this I believe 2020 will be one of the best years of our lives Both collectively and personally.

Here’s why I say that. 2020 is a four year. 2+0+2+0=4. In numerology the number 4 represents foundation, structure and stability. It is believed to be a perfect number, the number of completion, a number of wholeness. There are four seasons, four quarters in a year, There are four parts to a whole. Four directions. Four tires on a car. Four sides to a square. A four count in dance and music completes a whole. Once you get to four you start over. And here is the point I am trying to make.

2020 is a year of completion. The foundation that this nation and other nations of the world were built on are crumbling. They are falling right before our eyes. Social systems, political systems, governments, economic systems and the like are falling apart. People are rising up all around the world and saying that they are no longer willing to live under racist systems of inequality. People are coming together all over the world and uniting to demand change and bring down these systems.

But more importantly the foundation that we have built our own lives and stories on are also crumbling. Every belief that we have about ourselves is being challenged. The stories that we have believed about who we are, the stories that others have told us about ourselves are falling down! We are all being presented with an opportunity to create a new story and belief about who we are and what we are capable of. If you’ve ever believed that you are not lovable, smart, talented, capable, powerful, important, Divine, or anything else that has made you feel less-than, you are being presented with an opportunity to do away with those beliefs and create a new belief about yourself. You are being afforded the opportunity to create new systems to support yourself in all that you do.

2020 is offering us an opportunity to cleanse from all that has weighed us down and to heal from past pain and trauma. It is presenting an opportunity to work through and let go. It is presenting an opportunity to begin again but not before we face every negative thing that we have ever been told and believed about ourselves.

So, though it seems challenging and to be the worst year of your life, I present to you that 2020 is in fact the best year of your life. I encourage you to change your belief about 2020 and begin to see it for what it is, a time of opportunity for growth and personal and collective evolution. I encourage you to take advantage of this energy and rebuild a structure and foundation that will support you in fulfilling your life’s purpose. I hope you will use this energy to create new beliefs about yourself and those that you influence. Take time to luv and support yourself through this process. If you need help or support in this process please feel free to reach out to me or to someone else but please get the support that you need. This is an immense time of opportunity and I hope you will take advantage of it.

In luv and dessert,

Leisa Monique


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