Cherish The Day, Cherish your-SELF

Good morning Desserters! It’s a most fabulous Friday and although there have been some growth opportunities disguised as challenges (this was a tough week) it was a great week! I experiences some frustrations and shed some tears but when it was all said and done I know that everything I experienced was for my good. I know that now (and knew it then) but it was challenging to rely on that during the experience.

 I trust that as you experienced any challenges this past week that you too remembered that during it all you were growing and evolving. I trust that you were not critical of yourself but supported and luv’d yourself through it all. Whether you did or didn’t you are here! Take a moment to reflect on your week and acknowledge your victories and accomplishments. Take some time to cherish and enjoy this beautiful day and your beautiful self!

Go out and do something nice for yourself and for others that cross your path today. Offer a smile to someone, offer a compliment, hold open a door, buy someone a coffee at the coffee shop or have yourself some dessert in the middle of the day. Not only will you will make someone’s day but you will  make your day as well!

In dessert,



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