I‘m sure you all have felt it; this “something” that we feel around us but can’t explain. An anxiousness you may call it or a “feeling” that something is about to happen. Whether you believe in Metaphysics or are a devout Catholic, Christian, Buddhist or Sikh , it doesn’t matter for this energy is Universal!

There is a New Moon happening tonight but this is not a a lesson in Astrology or Metaphysics or Religion but rather a call to recognize and honor that which you “feel” around you. The New Moon indicates that an old cycle is complete and a new one is starting. What that means for us is that it’s time to release the old: habits that no longer serve you, thought patterns that held you back, friendships that have served their purpose…and embrace the new: Habits that will propel forward you in your personal life, thoughts that will create peace and opportunities that will create freedom in your business, career and life. 

So many of us have experienced many challenges in the past few weeks and I myself have felt overwhelmed with all of the responsibilities that have required my attention this week. It seemed that no matter how much I meditated or prayed, the challenges threw me off center (which lets me know that it’s time to embrace new practices) and this morning I experienced a bit of a breakdown. Actually it was a breakthrough because I was reminded of something I posted on twitter back in April and heard Michael Beckwith elude to today: Challenges don’t come to make you stronger they come to reveal the strength that is already in you. 

Ahhh, I felt that! In the midst of my tears I heard the voice of the Divine reminding me of who I AM and immediately I was able to embrace the growth that I was in the middle of. It was a powerful and awesome experience! I put on some of my favorite music for times such as these (Israel Houghton’s Another Breakthrough) to encourage and remind myself that I AM indeed at another level! 

Here is a scripture from the Bible that I was also reminded of and want to leave with you. Whether you embrace the Bible or another doctrine (I personally embrace the teachings of the Bible and other doctrines) this scripture should speak to your Spirit. It’s Haggai Ch.2:9: “The glory of this latter temple shall be greater than the former,’ says the LORD of hosts. ‘And in this place I will give peace,’ says the LORD of hosts.”

I encourage you to trust and embrace this process of completion. Trust the voice that you hear within your Spirit. Take this opportunity to shed whatever “Old” you need to shed and create some “New” in your life. And as always, take time in life to Eat Your Dessert First!  

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