Have you ever saw a woman that you were in awe of from just looking at her? I mean she is physically beautiful, educated,  has a great job, drives a nice car or had some other attribute that you admired. Perhaps its the way she carries herself or the fact that she seems to be so powerful that has earned your admiration.

So many times we look at others and the attributes that they posess and we begin to feel intimidated and begin to think “If only I…”. Sometimes it seems that these people posses something that we do not or are in a place that we would like to be.

A few months ago I was telling my friend Sandra how intimidated I felt because I was meeting all these powerful women. Some had their Ph D’s and were heads of corporations, some were Vice Presidents of companies, professors at universities, Executive Directors of Non-Profits, successful business owners and so on. These women owned their own homes and most drive nice cars and are well put together.  And here I was working as a field Director in politics. I still haven’t finished my degree and despite having the desire to to so, I do not own my home. Can you see the pity party I was beginning to have?

  1. Now when you select your friends you should choose people that are going to hold you accountable and lovingly tell you when you are being ridiculous! They love you enough to tell you that you need to get your stuff together and they will also praise and support you when you need it.

When I said this to Sandra she immediately snapped at me and asked me what was I talking about! She doesn’t remember this part but she pretty much chewed me out! She reminded me of the journey that I was on and the things that I had accomplished in recent years. She reminded me of the successful businesses that I had created, the records that I had set or broken in careers, the divorce that I had gracefully gone through, and how I had packed up and moved to another state in the midst of adversity and had managed to land on my feet! She reminded me that I had once been homeless with my children and somehow managed to keep it together and still take care of them! She reminded me of my resourcefulness, my charisma, my bounce-back ability. She reminded me of the homes that I had owned and the ones that I will own again. She reminded me of my perseverance.

But there was one thing that she said to me that was so powerful and sticks with me to this very day. It was a statement that changed the way I see myself and the people that I attract to me. She said ” Leisa, people are a reflection of us. What we see and admire in others is also in us! You are meeting these powerful women that you admire so much because YOU are a powerful woman!” She asked me if I had ever considered the fact that these women were admiring me! She said ” you are meeting these kinds of women because that is the kind of woman YOU are and like attracts like!” “Stop thinking that these women have something that you do not have and accept the fact that you are just as powerful as you think they are!” “Through these women God is showing you where you are and where you will be!”  Talk about being put in your place!

Well, needless to say the tears began to run but not because I was sad but because she was right! The women that I admired so much didn’t posses anything that I did not posses. I used to feel intimidated sometimes being around women who seemed to have it “going on” but now I remember the words of my best friend and can sit with heads of state and know that I am supposed to be there! I will never feel intimidated again when I’m in the presence of great women because I know that I too am great!

So what I want to leave you with today is this: Know your worth and who you are! Know that you are a Divine being; an extension of God himself. Know that no matter where you are in your life that nothing can change who you are! Know that people are a mirror reflection of us and that what you see and admire in others is most strongly in YOU. You are magnificent! You are powerful! You are valuable! You are worthy!

Never look at another woman again and be intimidated by who or what you think she is and remember when you see a woman you admire you are looking in the mirror and seeing a reflection of YOU!

Here is a little GIFT that I want to leave you with. Its something that I listen to often to remind me of who I am. When you click on the word gift above you will see it! Always remember who you are!


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